Discount on any product

Do you want to buy your dream luxuries bag , or watch , or just wanna complete your hobby by buying camera ? So you are at right place. Now get upto Rs 10000 off on selected electronic and selected  luxuries products. 

Please read terms and conditions before purchasing any product from this website or using any offers.

How does it benefit to a customers ?

When customer bought a product of Rs 20000, he will pay Rs20000, then take subscription of Rs120000 that he can buy groceries from this Rs 120000 (no validity date), then after he completely deposit his subscription money in “My Wallet” of “Deal Of Will ” as per the procedure, then he will get Rs10000 in “My Wallet” that he can withdraw in his bank account.

Value of customer getting products

Customer giving money

Product of Rs 20000

Rs 20000

Groceries of Rs 120000

Rs 120000 (as monthly subscription)

Cash back Rs 10000


Total customer gets product / money = Rs 150000

Total customer paying =Rs 140000 

Net profit to a customer = Rs 10000.
above given is just an example.

How to get cashback?

 You should buy the product at first

  1. Click on the cashback that you want (Options available next to every “single” product or go to home page and click on “Get the discount” button).
  2. This will take you you to “subscription for cashback” page, there fill the form of “request for activation code”
  3. There fill your name , mobile number, email id, and choose the subscription that you want to avail the offer.(choose one 1 subscription).
  4. Then you will receive an activation code in your mobile number and email id in 24 hours. (please give active mobile number and email id )
  5.   click on this link to go to “subscription for cashback” page, and choose your code (that came in your mobile or email).
  6. Then pay according to your chosen plan.
Subscription money will come in your “My Wallet” that will never expire, and you can buy groceries from that money anytime.


What can I buy from the money in “My Wallet” ?

Customers can buy only grocery items using the money in wallet.
Customers can’t buy electronic products, Luxurious men’s products, luxurious women’s products, watches, bags, Luxuries sunglasses, or any other product other than product belongs to category of groceries.

Can I Withdraw the cashback money in my bank account?

Yes, you can withdraw the money, please contact the “service center /help”.

When will I receive the cashback?

When customer completely pay the price of product , and complete its subscription time and money that he/she chose, then customer will get his/her cashback money in “My Wallet”.

Terms And Conditions to avail these cashback offers

  • If customer skips money deposit subscription of any month, then the final date of cashback will also extend (Please contact us, to know more about this)
  • If customer  deposit less money than decided in subscription of any month, then the final date of cashback will also extend (Please contact us, to know more about this)
  • “Deal of Will” have all the rights to cancel, postponed any offer at any time without prior notice.
  • On returning the grocery items , then customer might have to pay extra charges and return charges.
  • On canceling the order of the product (other than grocery), “Deal of will” have full right to cancel any offer related to it.
  • Any legal issue which involves members , owners ,any employee or related to website, must come in judication of bhopal city of madhya pradesh, only. Irrespective of any other things.
  • “Deal of Will” have full right to solve any issue , within 18 months of submitting the complaint. No one is liable to answer anyone till “Deal of Will” solve the issue by their experts before 18 months of submitting the complain.
  • “Deal of Will” have right to block Partially / completely any one without prior telling the reason for it.
  • Customer will get punishment according to Indian constitution and laws, any type of fraud done by a particular customer. The judiciary will be of bhopal city of madhya pradesh.